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From November 30th to December 3rd, the 2018 Jeju Workshop for New Recruits was held for three days and four nights at the Elisian Resort in Jeju, designed by Changjo. On the first day, there was a training session in order to learn all the necessary skills and competencies for company life at Changjo, such as leadership and business etiquette. From the second day, new recruits visited explored some of Jeju’s architectural landmarks that harmonize nature and art, such as The Bangju Church, Podo Hotel, Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju Booyoung Hotel & Resort, The Jeju International Peace Centre, etc. On the third day, recruits spent time trekking around the Saryeoni Forest Path, The Jeongbang Falls Trail and touring around Jeju’s small businesses. During the workshop, the new recruits had a chance to make meaningful memories and get familiar with each other as a new part of the Changjo family.


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