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Chang-jo Architecture Recruitment of Experienced and New Employees

Since the foundation, Chang-jo Architects (CJA) has successfully carried out numerous domestic and international projects in office, commercial, cultural and complex buildings, housing, mixed use, high-tech industrial facilities, data centers, and bio sectors based on its advanced technology and excellent design capabilities over the past 40 years.

As of the end of 2022, more than 50% of total sales came from overseas sites and overseas clients, which order for global projects are continuously increasing at this point.

As to strengthen global competitiveness in line with the continued increase in orders for high-end projects, we are conducting open recruitment of new and experienced domestic and foreign employees as follows.

Experienced Architects (2023 Open Recruitment)


▷  Eligibility to Apply : Over 5 years of experience in architectural design / Bachelor degree of Architecture or above / Fluent English is required for foreigners

▷  Application and Interview : March 2nd 2023~ March 31st 2023 / Interview Date to be notified individually

▷  How to apply : Visit CJA’s Website (

▷  Compensation : Gross Annual Salary (Annual Salary + Incentive + Performance Bonus) + Retirement Allowance

▷  Gross Annual Salary of 5 Years Experienced : Minimum ₩60,000,000 Korean Won + α + Retirement allowance

      ※ α : To be differed by year-end Evaluation of employee

▷  Additional Compensation in case to work in overseas or out of CJA’s office in Korea

l  Amount: America/Europe/Middle East > Asia/China >Domestic Region

l  Highest standard living supports and expenses payment

▷  Preferential Hiring : Native English, BIM, experienced in high-tech industrial facilities, data centers, and excellency in design


2024 New 34th Recruit


▷  Eligibility to Apply : Bachelor degree of Architecture or above

▷  Deadline for Application : May 16th, 2023 (Tue) 13:00

▷  How to apply: visit our website (

▷  Compensation : ₩45,000,000 in Annual Salary+ Performance Bonus+ Retirement Allowance

▷  Hiring Procedure : Interview→Design Workshop→Intern(8 weeks)→Evaluation & Hiring

       ※ Compensation for Internship : 8 weeks salary based on the CJA’s 2023 year ₩42,500,000 annual salary of the 1st year

       ※ Those who are expected to graduate from overseas universities and foreigners will be screened separately from May 16th to August 31st, 2023, after receiving applications.


Open House for Experienced / Students who are interested in CJA


▷  Program for those who wish to join CJA to provide opportunities to experience H-Tower and Job Information

▷  To feel and enjoy the H-Tower and its facilities of F&B and Sports

▷  Operating Period: March 2nd, 2023 (Thu)~ March 31st (Fri)

▷  How to make Reservation: Email to recruit2024@ or call to 02-2177-8320


Employee Benefits


▷  Refresh During Working Hours : Within 2 hours and 30 minutes per week- availability of in-house sports facilities, health caring, and self-development

▷  Refresh Vacation: To provide additional vacation (1 to 2 weeks) and vacation fees to an employee, satisfying over 5 years of working period, whenever promoted

▷  Anniversary Coupon : Date of joining CJA (₩150,000)/ Birthday (Cake+ ₩150,000)/ Wedding Anniversary (₩200,000)

▷  Remaining vacation days not used per a year shall be compensated as conversion salary for its days in each January.

▷  Transportation Support : When late homing after 22:00, providing expenses such as taxi, KTX, and etc.

▷  Holiday Gifts: New Year’s Day / Chuseok (Thanks Giving Day of Korean)


▷  F&B in H-Tower (Western Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, Café): 50% discount on employee and whose family members

▷  Sports facilities in H-Tower (Fitness, Sauna, Indoor Golfing): Free of charge for employee and whose family members (Golf Lesson and Fitness PT can be provided 50% discount rate)

▷  Happy Hour: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30, free finger-foods and drinks provided in Western Restaurant and Bar


▷  Comprehensive Health Check-up for employee and whose spouse (above manager level, every 2 years, 1 day of vacation)

▷  Supports for Medical Expenses for Employee and Immediate Family Members: 50% support for medical expenses. Providing maximum family total amount of ₩5,000,000 per year

▷  Free Vaccination : Flu vaccination and PCR test fees provided, 1 day of COVID vaccination vacation

▷  Child Supports : Preschool children- ₩2,400,000/2 years, High school students- ₩3,00,000/3 years, College students- 50% tuition fee/4 years

▷  Celebration/Condolence: The highest level of congratulatory and condolencesupports (for more information, please check the website


Chang-jo Architects aims to provide the best working environment and welfare for the health and happiness of employees.


► Application form link :


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